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4 Door Central Locking Kit Remote Keyless CLR655-4D


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This kits is for cars/vehicles that has NO Central locking and wants to convert to Remote and manual C/L.


Your car is fully protected - NO ONE CAN COPY YOUR REMOTE CODE

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4 Door  Central Locking Kit Remote Keyless  Immobilizer / alarm   

This kits is for cars/vehicles that has NO Central locking and wants to convert to Remote and manual C/L.

Convert your manual locking to full REMOTE central locking with this 4 door kit. Features include total closure, car finder and an auxiliary output operated from the remote controls - ideal for use with boot releases and remote starters etc. The built in total closure enabling the doors to be locked and unlocked (and electric windows/sunroof closed if vehicle has total closure).

This quality central door locking system is easy to install and can be fitted to any car which runs off a 12V battery. The system enables all doors to lock and unlock simultaneously from both the drivers door and passenger front door by way of the existing key or Remotes provided. 4 Motors are included with this kit (to fit a complete Remote central locking system to your vehicle!). There are also two wires that you can connect up to your alarm system giving you the ability to activate/deactivate your alarm and lock/unlock your doors at the push of a button using your alarm remote control!

 Main Features:
  • Converts your manual door locking into full REMOTE CENTRAL LOCKING!
  • 4-Channel Code-learning remote controls - You can add or replace up to 4 remotes with this intelligent learning code system.
    We only guarantee our remotes transmitters to work with this system
  • Suitable for 2/3/4/5 door vehicles. If you have a 3 or 2 door vehicle; you can simply fit only two motors and tape off the other wiring.
  • Driver has full control over the locking / unlocking of all doors.
  • Boot (trunk) release Trigger output - Remote control boot release
  • Siren Output
  • LED status indicator
  • power window output
  • Car Finder
  • Opening and closing the central lock are indicated by the turn signals lights (indicators lights)
  • Locking operates from both driver or passenger door key or kit can be connected to any alarm with central locking control.
  • More than 50 meters (100 feet) of range
  • Full 16page manual for Easy Installation.
  • Silent operation - Rotatable actuator head
  • All fittings included.
  • Latest New Design - added extra features and security!
    • Smaller size module 8x7x2.5cm
    • Alarming with light and sound
    • Immobiliser Relay Output - Engine cut off
    • Foot Brake - Locking doors while driving
    • Emergency disarming
  • Quality Products at fantastic prices!  - No other Central Lock does all this for the price!
  Package Contents: 
  • 2x Remote controls (fobs)
  • Control unit (Main processor unit)
  • LED status indicator
  • 2 masters door solenoids/motors (5 wires) (These will control all other doors)
  • 2 slaves door solenoids/motors (2 wires)
  • All necessary wires and fixtures
  • Easy Fit instructions, wiring diagrams and user manuals - Full 16 page manual
Operation Instructions & Wiring Diagram

Notes *
Note 1. Cable operated door locks
For vehicles with cable operated door locks, such as Ford, Mercedes Sprinter/Vito, and some newer cars, You need this additional item: Allows aftermarket actuators to work with cable door lock systems; Cable door lock adaptor
Note 2. Total Closure / Window Closure
If your vehicle has total closure this kit will close the windows without any additional interfaces.
You can tell if your vehicle has total closure if the windows close when you hold the drivers door key in the locked position.  If you don’t have total closure and want to close the windows when the alarm is armed; then you will need a window closure module

Note 3. Boot Release Wire: Trunk Release Output
Some cars have an electric boot release or one can be added. This can be interfaced with this kit. 
For cars with a built in boot release the wire is found at the keyless entry module under the dash 
or behind a kick panel. If you want to Convert your manual boot release to electric release; 
then you will need a Electric Boot Release Kit