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Remote Keyless Entry for car central lock KE670


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Add remote control to your existing central locking!

  • BMW style remote key
  • PLUS FREE blank keys & logo !

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Remote Keyless Entry System  Central Lock / Immobilizer / alarm

Add remote control to your existing central locking! This is an advanced Remote Keyless system that adds remote central locking to vehicles with manual central locking. Features include total closure, car finder and an auxiliary output operated from the remote controls - ideal for use with boot releases and remote starters etc.  The built in total closure central locking interface allows the keyless to be connected to the vehicles existing central locking (where fitted) enabling the doors to be locked and unlocked (and electric windows/sunroof closed if vehicle has total closure) as the alarm is armed and disarmed.

Main Features: 
    • Converts your manual door locking into full REMOTE CENTRAL LOCKING!
    • UNIVERSAL Fitting
    • 4-Channel learning remote controls - You can add or replace up to 4 remotes with this intelligent learning code system
      We only guarantee our remotes transmitters to work with this system
    • Boot (trunk) release Trigger output - Remote control boot release
    • Siren Output
    • LED status indicator
    • power window output
    • Pneumatic lock/electric lock, Single or Double pulse - All jumper setting
    • Car Finder
    • Opening and closing the central lock are indicated by the turn signals lights (indicators lights)
    • More than 50 meters (100 feet) of range
    • Universal fitting instruction +PLUS Car Security Installation Guide
    • vehicle-specific fitting instructions! (please specify at the time of your order; your car make/year/model, OR email us after purchase)  
      for most cars we can give you exact wiring diagram for your own car!
    • Latest New Design - added extra features and security!
  • Smaller size module 8x7x2.5cm
  • Alarming with light and sound
  • Immobiliser Relay Output - Engine cut off
  • Foot Brake - Locking doors while driving
  • Emergency disarming
  • Plus all the main features: SEE above
  • Quality Products at fantastic prices!

Package Contents: 

  • 2x Remote controls (fobs)
  • 2x FREE Key-Blanks BMW HU58 - Blank key can be removed! see other Blank-Keys
  • 2x FREE Logos - Logo can be removed! see other car-logos
  • Control unit (Main processor unit)
  • LED status indicator
  • Wiring harness
  • Full 20page manual
  • Universal fitting instruction +PLUS  Car Security Installation Guide
  • vehicle-specific fitting instructions! (please specify at the time of your order; your car make/model/year) 
    for most cars we can give you exact wiring diagram for your own car!
Operation Instructions & Wiring Diagram

2 x FREE blank keys for any of these cars
Blank Keys can be removed!
You don’t have to use the Blank keys! these are supplied free of charge!
Just use the Remotes! fob’s for any car

  • Simply take the blank to a Locksmith and have it cut. It can be cut at any local hardware store, lock smith, or shop with key cutting machine.
  • Please carefully check your original keys with the photos shown. These Blanks being offered FREE of charge.
  • These key blanks may be suitable for other car models, please check the pictures below.
  • These keys without transponder.
  • IMPORTANT - You will need to hold your existing key up the same way as our picture, and check to see if your key has a the cut/groove on the same side as ours. Basically, if your key looks the same as the key in our picture (regardless of which number you have stamped on your existing key blade) it will be suitable for your vehicle. We do not stamp these numbers on our key blades. The same key maybe used for some other cars!.
    Note: The key pattern shown 
    Keyless Entry System - lock " is the keyhole that the key goes into, not the view from the tip of the key.

IMPORTANT: We are NOT blanks OR Logos supplier! We give these FREE of charge when you purchase this kit ONLY! 
THESE ARE THE BLANKS WE DO - for this module 

Find Your Key Blank - Click on any picture below to find your key blank

VW Audi BMW Mercedes Opel Porsche Skoda Seat Saab Volvo
Ford<br> Vauxhall Landover Rover Jaguar Mini Daewoo KIA Hyundai
Peugeot Renault Citroen Alfa Romeo Fiat Lancia Honda Mitsubishi Toyota Nissan
Maz Suzuki Daihatsu Isuzu Subaru Acura Infinity Lexus Chevrolet
Chrysler Jeep Buick Cadillac Scion Dodge Plymouth GM GM Holden BYD Bertone Iveco

Choice of your Blank key!
Please specify CODE BELOW at the time of your order/payment
Click on the picture to enlarge, Or select your car make from above
Volkswagen VW
HU49 Key Blank - Audi VW Porsche HU66 Key Blank - Audi VW Porsche Skoda Ford Seat YM15 (HU72) Key Blank - Mercedes VW Volkswagen Dodge Steyr-Puch

Please, tell us your car Make/Year/Model & the CODE for the FREE Blanks you want.


Notes *
Note 1. Central Locking
If your central locking system only operates from the drivers door key (not the passengers);
then you will need a  2 wire motor for your drivers door.
Note 2. Total Closure / Window Closure
If your vehicle has total closure this alarm will close the windows without any additional interfaces.
You can tell if your vehicle has total closure if the windows close when you hold the drivers door key in the locked position.
If you don’t have total closure and want to close the windows when the alarm is armed; 
then you will need a window closure module

Note 3. Boot Release Wire: Trunk Release Output
Some cars have an electric boot release or one can be added. This can be interfaced with this kit. 
For cars with a built in boot release the wire is found at the keyless entry module under the dash 
or behind a kick panel. If you want to Convert your manual boot release to electric release; 
then you will need a Electric Boot Release Kit