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REVERSE Parking 2 Sensors audible alarm PS601-2


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REVERSE Parking 2 Sensors audible alarm  PS601-2

NEW "Swap Socket" Feature This kit now come with the new watertight swap socket feature based 6 inches from the sensor heads, it makes installation quicker and easier. Also should you ever have a problems with faulty sensors or accident damage in the future it facilitates easy replacement without having to remove the bumper again and rewire from scratch. This is a special feature MOST OTHERS DON’T HAVE! 
Optional Wedges  This system comes with optional angled wedges, giving greater flexibility according to the shape of your bumper.  The wedges can be used if your bumper is slightly angled up - or downwards, to ensure the sensor’s signal is still sent out parallel with the road’s surface. 

It checks the place behind the vehicle during reversing procedures and warns acoustically against obstacles. Two sensors embedded into the rear bumper detect objects up to 2.0 meter (6.5 feet) from the vehicle.


  • The system will automatically start up when reversed, is a safe parking assistant system.
  • A small BUZZER which you can place anywhere you want, for audible alarm. Alarm sound frequency will increase as the distance getting shorter.
  • Special watertight swap socket connectors to protect the connection between main unit and sensors. This not only gives you safety of waterproof connection and also makes easier to replace the bad sensor in case it happens.
  • Quality Products at fantastic prices!
    • Working voltage: DC12V
    • Cable Lengths to the control main box: Rear 2.5m (8feet)
    • Can be used on any bumper including metal
    • You can paint the sensors & colour code to the car
    • It will still function even if you plug in just 1 sensor!
    • Supplied with easy to fit instructions: You can easily fit it yourself. 
      Two wires to be connected from the main unit of this system:
      1st wire (BLACK) to the body of the car (negative (-) Ground)
      2nd wire (RED) to the reverse light (Positive +12v to activate the rear sensors)
  • 2x Ultrasonic sensors with watertight swap socket connectors
  • Main system control box
  • Hole drill bit for electric drill
  • Power lines control cable
  • User Manual (in English)
  • Retail Colour gift box

*This product is for auxiliary usage only (and should not be used to substitute safe driving practices), The user should take responsibility for all safety when driving.!