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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s
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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s
  1. What is Remote keyless Entry system RKE.
    A remote keyless entry system or remote central locking is a system designed to remotely lock, or unlock.
    It duplicates all of the features of a standard car key with the added convenience of operating the power door locks, eliminating the need to physically manipulate a key into a lock as well as being able to do so at a distance.
    The functions of a remote keyless entry system are contained on a small, hand-held fob attached to the keychain or built into the ignition key handle itself. Buttons are set aside to either lock or unlock the doors, plus open the trunk. Some cars will also close any open windows when remotely locking the car.
  2. How easy is to install.
    The actual time your installation will demand; depends on your level of experience.
    All units come with a general wiring diagrams for any car, plus we provide specific wiring instruction for majority of the cars. For most vehicles made up to 2004/5, Rightclick gives you a sheet that tells the location and colour of the wires you need to access in your vehicle (for the central lock part). At the time of your order, Please advice your car make/year/model so we can send this information with your system. You will also receive The Universal Central Lock wiring diagrams for any car PLUS Car Security Installation Guide.
    Installing - Car Alarm OR Remote Keyless:
    Installing Remote Keyless Kit is a lot easier than installing Car Alarm Kit, It does not matter where you buy your car alarm from, it requires installation by a qualified person. Any one that tells you installing a car alarm is easy is not true unless the installation is carried out by some one experienced in car alarm installation. Car alarms has many options to offer that is not required/included by the Remote Keyless Kit. We sell both Car Alarms, Remote Keyless and many other car accessories.
  3. Does this system works for my car.
    • This kits is for cars/vehicles that has NO Central locking and wants to convert to Remote and manual C/L.
    • Manual C/L means when you unlock the drivers door with your existing key all other doors also unlocks.
    • If you have manual C/L but your central locking system only operates from the drivers door key (not the passengers) then you will need a different kit: a  2 wire motor for your drivers door PLUS one of our Remote Keyless Kits
    • If your car does not have manual C/L you can use this kit (remote central lock) to converts your manual door locking into full CENTRAL LOCKING SYSTEM, this comes with Easy Fit instructions, wiring diagrams and user manuals. (Mechanical fitting instructions not included).
  4. Key alteration - This ONLY applies if you buy one of our remotes with a FREE key blanks.
    The blank keys that are screwed into the handheld transmitters (remotes control). You have to have your own car key modified according to this model OR our FREE key blank modified to your own key and screw it onto the transmitter. You may decide for yourself whether you want to use your original car key or have a copy cut in order to have it modified.
  5. Don’t Know which kit to go for!.
    If your car doesn’t have Central Locking; then we suggest either the above kit OR any of our central locking kits: Central Locking Kits
    If your car has central locking and wants to convert to Remote Keyless Entry, then use any of our keyless kits. Remote Keyless
    If your central locking system only operates from the drivers door key (not the passengers) then you will need a  2 wire motor for your drivers door PLUS any one of our Remote Keyless Kits.

    If you are after a flip key RKE then we suggest the 670 (BM type key) , 669 (Any key blank) or 851 (VW Original HAA key). Most of our kits are similar except for the remotes-fobs? YOU JUST PICK THE Ones YOU LIKE...
    If you are after Remotes operated only Fob’s WITHOUT key blank; Central Locking Kits (is too many to list here, please check our store for all available kits we sell.
  6. Car Finder
    All our remotes keyless entry, remote central lock and car alarm systems have this option, Please check product/item description.
  7. Immobilizer
    This system will work for your car and does not conflict with your immobiliser!  If your car remote  key has chip inside:-  You can still use this kit without any problem. Attach your own key to our remotes (using our FREE key ring! supplied with all our kits).
    This ONLY applies if you buy remotes with key blanks. The immobilizer transponder chip has to be stuck into our handheld transmitters (remote controls). (i.e. If your existing key has chip inside, some can transfer their chip into our remotes! and save 100’s £££).
    If your car remote key has immobilizer-chip inside:-
    Customers do different things:
     - Transfer the chip to our remote,
     - Place their existing key under or flush mounted in the dashboard...
     - Use a Transponder Bypass - for car alarms (Transponder Immobiliser Bypass Module TBM01)
     - Do not use the key-blank and Attach your own key to our remotes (using our FREE key ring! supplied with all our kits)
     - Or buy one of our remote kits that don’t have a key blank! 
  8. Technical and Email Enquires.
    Please,  E-Mail us